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Having already created an LED algorithm to help consumers select the right LED bulbs/fixtures for their needs, Smart Decision Inc. is hard at work in developing their Patent Pending CBD algorithm for the same purpose. Finally, the confusion of figuring out which CBD is the right choice for you will soon become a breeze! CBD has recently become a phenomenon for consumers that are looking to heal from various ailments. Examples include Migraine Headaches, Pain, Anxiety, Acne, High Blood Pressure, etc. Consumers are raving about the results. However, there remains one stumbling block when it comes to selecting the right dosage of CBD for your needs. That’s where Smart Decision Inc. comes in. With our upcoming Smart Decision plug-in, consumers will now be able to answer a handful of simple questions, that will help direct you in the right direction. The days of confusion in selecting the right CBD for your needs is coming to an end! Smart Decision Inc. will bridge the gap between those selling CBD products with consumers that are looking for the best CBD for their needs.